Ensure the highest level of protection for your customers without compromising their user experience.

Why Asseco SxS?


Flexible and scalable, SXS server quickly adapts to your needs and helps you reduce TCO.


Use a centralised system to manage user access and permissions across multiple systems and apps.

Easy integration

Asseco SXS comes with an open API, so you can integrate it with custom third-party apps. It can form a part of enterprise infrastructure and work well with all your existing systems – from banking apps to online portals, and network services.


Provide your customers with robust yet effortless authentication directly from their mobile phones.


Add an extra layer of user protection with AI-powered features.

Use for internal purposes

Asseco SXS can be used for internal purposes as well, for example for accesing to internal applications through VPN from outside of the organization. This is a very useful addition in work from home situations, with 2020 covid-19 pandemic being a key driver of this work mode.

Asseco SEE has been our security partner for more than 3 years, and during this period they have constantly improved their high-quality security products to keep ahead of the industry trends.
Brian Graham

Key reasons to use Asseco SXS

Powerful and complete, Asseco SXS by default supports multiple service channels. You can easily implement it both on-premises and in the cloud.

Asseco SXS satisfies the requirements of PSD2, GDPR, RTS, PCI-DSS, and many other international regulations.

You can customise Asseco SXS to match your business processes. Its architecture allows easy scaling and adding new functionalities with plug-ins. Our team is here to support you in all necessary adjustments.

Asseco SXS draws on the proven security mechanisms and standards. All its modules and components, such as RASP, biometrics, AI or risk analysis – ensure full protection at all stages of the authentication process.

Asseco SXS works as a single point of authentication service across all digital channels. As a result, it quickly reduces the TCO of your system and brings the expected ROI.

Asseco SXS ecosystem seamlessly works with an array of authentication methods (OTP, MAC/MDS, Challenge/Response and more). It also supports devices from other vendors and EMV cards.

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